A few tips

Do you frequently study articles about organizing and they have similar words for helping you get organized; only they are just rearranged? Make an effort to follow some easy ways to achieve the job and reduce the stress.  It will be worth the effort.

Here’s a few tips:

1.  Look at the all-over picture of your home or hire a professional organizer. Go through every room and make your mind up what it is that you want to do with that room and write it down.

2. See if you can find any hidden storage areas in your room. Decide if you want to add another shelf in the closet, use the storage space on the inside of a door, maybe use under the bed storage.

3. Choose organizing products you like and that make you feel good. Do you want to use Rubbermaid or are the items in a hidden area where a cardboard box will do. Using things that you like will give you a better feeling of a job-well-done.

4. Consider daily activities and routines in your home. Place items where they are going to do you the most good. Something that you use on a daily basis should not be on a high shelf. The vacuum cleaner should be kept in or near the room you use it the most.

5. Know why you want to get organized. Are you doing this for yourself and to make your life easier and time saving, or are you doing it because someone told you to or your neighbor is doing it? In order to do a job 100% to your liking you need to do the job right or not at all. By not having your heart into it, you will get stressed, frustrated, waste money and not have a use able time saving solution to your problem.

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