About RD Richard

After graduating with multiple degrees in Business and Law, Richard put his knowledge to great use by developing and implementing million dollar improvement ideas and projects for Fortune 500 companies.

He wanted to expand his skills and eventually he turned his attention to other interests and starting investing in Real Estate and Internet marketing businesses.

Richard continues to speak to Corporate and Social audiences, while providing one on one guidance for Entrepreneurs in the area of start-up, finance, marketing and growth.

Fast forward to 2006, Richard started writing eBooks.  First books were a series of 12 children’s books.  Followed with three fiction, two romance and several business eBooks. 

Richard created a line of high end custom cosmetic Soap & Lotions, for those who want to look and enjoy life.

Richard found two mentors to help develop his internet business. John Thornhill and Anthony Morrison provided the guidance need to develop products and courses. Two great people.

Follow my progress as I step through one of John’s outstanding training programs.  

To your success…..