About RD Richard

For years I worked two to three jobs, even build computers for friends and family members. Almost anything just to make ends meet.  However, working this way meant time away from the family and kids activities.  I know there had be a better way. 

The home craft market was increasing in popularity. We would spend hours creating various types of crafts, locating craft shows and consignment stores.  We developed a nice little business.  But, market softened, fewer shows and consignments stores. Our business became smaller and smaller. 

I started searching for the next “Shinny Object”.  Diet products, Wholesale products, Custom Signage, even eBay sales.  Anything I thought that would provide a steady income.  But, as you can guess, none would provide that income.

Fast forward to 2006, I started looking at eBooks.  First book I wrote was a children’s book that turned into a series of 12.  I followed that with a three fiction, two romance and three business eBooks. 

As most entrepreneurs know, you need more than one (business) leg to sustain you. Least three legs are needed balance out your business, or is even better.  Besides by Customs Soap & Lotion and eBook business, I have digital projects to have balance out my legs of business.

Two people that helped me with my digital products, is Anthony Morrison and John Thornhill.

My goal is to help you to achieve success.  Together we’re identify your goals, niche and develop a plan to achieve your goals.  It will not be easy, but, I’ll be there holding you hand all the way.  In the end, your lifestyle will be change.    

To your success…..